Trailers can be used for a wide range of hauling needs. They are usually towed behind another vehicle and come in many different shapes and sizes. And while most require little more than a simple hookup to a hitch and an electrical plug, others may be more complex, like having their own braking system.

There are two main types of trailers, open and enclosed. Open trailers are primarily used to haul items to be dumped, vehicles, and lawn equipment. Enclosed trailers offer better security and protection from the elements and are often used to haul vehicles as well as cargo and animals.

An important aspect of the trailer is the hitch. The hitch is used to connect the trailer to the vehicle towing it. Some important tips to remember when hooking a trailer to a vehicle hitch include:
• Is the hitch ball tight?
• Is the hitch coupler locked?
• Are the trailer safety chains securely hooked to the tow vehicle?