Trailers FAQs

What is a trailer?
A trailer is broadly defined as any vehicle that is towed behind another vehicle. Trailers generally do not operate under their own power, but instead rely on the tow vehicle for braking power and electricity. Most states require that trailers have operational brake lights that plug into the tow vehicle’s system.

Why would I need a trailer?
Trailers serve a variety of needs, hauling everything from livestock to living spaces. Some common examples of trailers include travel trailers, horse trailers, cargo trailers, and boat trailers. Some people who wish to transport their own vehicles such as expensive sports cars and motorcycles may use a specialized car trailer.

What is a travel trailer?
A travel trailer is an enclosed trailer that acts as a mobile living space. These types of trailers are usually completely self-contained with such amenities as galleys, dining spaces, and beds. Travel trailers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing owners to customize their own travel experience.