Trailers, Cargo, and Travel

Welcome to HalcoTrailers.com! Our site is dedicated to providing readers with as much information as possible about all types of trailers.  From cargo trailers to travel trailers and even motorcycle trailers we have the best and latest information on them all.  HalcoTrailers.com does not promote any one product or method of use.  Our mission is simply to help our readers understand the versatility of trailers so they can find the perfect one for their needs.  There are numerous types of trailers, all of which are designed for different purposes.  You are bound to find a trailer to fit all of your needs; rather it be moving large items, small items or even storage.

There are many things one can use a trailer for and there are numerous designs that fit an array of needs.  Usually they are towed behind vehicles to transport items that could not otherwise be transported.  Because they are designed to be paired with motor vehicles there are trailers that are designed to be pulled behind cars, trucks, and even motor cycles.  Additionally most only require a simple hook up to a hitch and an electrical plug for safety.  However, some trailers are complex and require special pieces of equipment to be connected to your vehicle.  There are two main types of trailers; open and closed.  An open trailer can be large or small and can used to transport a number of items.  The most common type of open trailer is a boat trailer, however there are many other kinds.  A closed trailer encloses the items it carries, which is extremely beneficial when you want to keep your items protected from the elements.  The most common closed trailer is a horse trailer or even a u-haul trailer.

Cargo trailers are usually closed trailers that allow people to transport large items long distances.  There are many key things you should look at when you are looking to purchase a cargo trailer.  The most important factor is deciding what you are intending to move with the trailer.  Because this style come in an array of different sizes, it is important to buy a style that reflects the size of the items you wish to transport.  If you purchase a cargo transporter that is too large your items will bump around inside and could potentially be damaged, however if it is too small your items will not fit inside.  You need to pick a cargo transporter that will snugly fit all your items.  Also be sure to think about the weight of your fully-loaded trailer when deciding which is best suited for your tow vehicle. Knowing the precise weight of any and all cargo you plan to carry can help narrow the choices.

Travel trailers are commonly referred to as motor homes and come in many different sizes and price ranges. The smaller ones can weigh less than 2,000 pounds and suitably fit a family of five or four adults. The size of the smaller ones make them a great first purchase for those who have little to no RV experience.  Larger motor homes can weigh as much as 9,000 pounds and range in size from about 25 to 36 feet. These can comfortably accommodate larger families and many adults. Most motor homes, regardless of size, contain compact living arrangements. In many models, dinettes, day beds, and sofas double as regular beds at night, with some trailers allowing for stationary bed use. Most models are self-contained with full bath, dining, and kitchen facilities.

Car trailers are designed to safely transport vehicles by road. Some commercial trailers can transport up to 10 cars at a time and are most commonly used by car dealerships and manufacturers. Personal trailers for cars are available for owners who prefer to transport their own vehicle.  There are many dealers specializing in car trailers. Knowing your budget and the specific needs you require of a trailer is important. For those with a larger budget, some car transport trailer companies can custom build a trailer the way you want it, a popular option for those wishing to transport expensive or rare vehicles.